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Processes up to

1200 pieces

per hour

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Why gripp?

because years of r&D results in great benefits

fast & efficient

The Gripp can process up to 1200 products per hour. By using AI and vision technology the gripper can measure the weight, length, and width of the products.

flexible & precise

Presorting can be avoided, and the sequencing of the stock and order totes has more flexibility. The GRIPP can process products to up to twelve order totes or boxes.

advanced software

The gripper is equipped with self-learning software, so that it can pick up any product, regardless of the shape. It also calculates optimal gripper speed based on the product weight.

intuitive ui

Thanks to the Windows based HMI the machine has a clean and easy to use interface. The GRIPP is equipped with a touch screen user interface for maximum convenience.

adaptive gripper

The gripper is equipped with 3 rotation axes. Therefore, the gripper can precisely adjust the approach angle of the gripper to grip the product most efficiently.


A central conveyor for stock totes. The totes can be divided into segments.

2 lanes with 6 positions for up to 12 order/destination totes/boxes. This has the advantage that presorting can be skipped.

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adaptive gripper

A slim gripper design without external cables or tubing ensures a better accessibility. This gripper can also rotate 360° (Y-rotation)

Thanks to the 180° Z-rotation, the picker is able to pick up a product from any possible angle.

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Technical details

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