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Technical presentation platform

presentation of technical animation using web technology


With this technical presentation platform you can make your presentations look more attractive than traditional pdf brochures, by using technical animations. The hassle with physically making pictures is history, we can simply render photorealistic images from 3D CAD models supplied by you. This doesn’t only look better, it also saves you time.


With new web technology your technical presentation will be taken to the next level. We can make the images or short technical animations interact with the user. Make certain parts stand out by highlighting or enlarging.  Whether it’d be with scrolling, mouse hovering, or sliding, you decide.

layered USP's

List all your unique features on one page! With this technical presentation platform you can display your unique features with the corresponding (highlighted) parts of your product. The need for multiple pages is history, with this platform you can fit it all on one page.

action triggers

Using advanced technology means there are endless possibilities in generating more sales. Think of built in contact forms or buttons that direct to a certain page. With optional tools such as Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, or Google analytics you can get accurate insights of your customer’s interests.


With this presentation platform you can make your presentations more responsive than ever before. Unlike pdf brochures, this platform automatically resizes to be easily read on both desktop and mobile devices. Since it’s a web based platform, you can access it anywhere with just the URL.

Transform 3D cad data

into a state-of-the-art Sales presentation

Technical Animation

While importing the 3D CAD data we have complete control about tessellation of the geometry. This is essential to achieve a high-end technical animation or rendering.

With the help of advanced lighting, materials and rendering techniques we create photorealistic images for digital brochures for the technical industry. We make our brochures modular with elements. There can be countless elements on your product page.

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Explain USP's

With technical animation we can create highlights from machine or product sections. Explain all USP's with modular elements.

For example: this is the second HighLight layer from the element: Fade HighLight 2-layer | Text: Right.

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all-in-one solution

digital brochure including technical data with interaction triggers

Website voor technische product


Turn your static pdf brochures into state-of-the-art presentations which have:

- Compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices
- A modular structure design
- User Interactive triggers
- Multi-layered USP visuals
- Integrated technical animation

Presentation is just as important as technical information, because it's the first thing your potential client will see and remember. We make our technical animation shots interactive, to capture and keep the interest of the viewer. Almost all visual elements can have interactions.- Compatible with desktop and mobile screenformats
- Modular structure
- Interactive effects
- Multi-layer USP visuals

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sales tool

Presents2U presents with web based product pages, and not with local pdf files. This gives you the following benefits:

- Strategic product focussed presentation
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- Backlinks to your current website
- Built-in contact triggers.
- Track viewer interest with heatmapping (optional)

A good first impression can lead to an increase in sales. It's an essential part to promote your business or product. Technical animation is very useful to create stunning images and eye-catching materials. In our elements we can add buttons that are triggers to contact or ask for more information. This is a huge advantage compared to traditional pdf presentations. With our platform you can also add links to your company website to create a better online ranking. This will improve your product page's SEO in a natural way without advertising costs.

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Manage your technical product presentations in one location. With this platform you can:

- Access the text editor anywhere with just the URL
- Have multiple copywriters work on the same project
- Instantly update the presentation from anywhere
- Keep your work organised. The hassle with multiple copies is history

An organised workspace lets you work more efficiently and saves time. Everything that you need to update your product presentation is included in this platform. You can easily modify the text, without needing any knowledge in coding or website development. Because Presents2U is a web based platform, you can access the editor anywhere, on any device, with just the editor URL.

Responsive website

one fits all

Whether your product is viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone, Presents2U automatically adjusts the presentation platform to the device used, and rescales the technical animations to the best resolution. This provides the viewer with the best viewing experience on any device.

We build our websites with a modular structure. This means we can alter the website layout or technical animations, without having to rebuild the entire website.

Because we have an extensive knowledge in engineering, machines, and animation, we are able to offer you unique solutions that no other advertising agency would usually do.

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Customer Cases

From gripp installation to turnkey systems

Technical Animation case | Hitec UPS system
Hitec asked us to create a technical animation of their PowerPRO 2700. The machine was supplied as a 3D CAD model. We created a background with advanced lighting, and visualised the USP's of the PowerPRO 2700. We also visualised the working of the PowerPRO 2700, including the electricity flow.
Watch cASETechnical Animation case | Hyperloop SpaceX pod competition
TU Delft students asked us to create a technical animation of their Atlas04 which was created for the  Hyperloop pod competition. We visualised the  USP’s of the Atlas04, and also visualised the working of the model, including the electricity flow inside the model. This technical animation was used in the documentary 'Breaking Barriers'.
Watch cASETechnical Animation case | Robot Piece Picking
Inther designs and builds intralogistic solutions. They asked us to create a technical animation of their GRIPP machine. The GRIPP is an order picking machine for order with much variety. We visualised the USP’s of the GRIPP, and how the different parts of the GRIPP machine function, such as the order flow and the multi axes gripper head.
Watch cASE