Technical presentation platform

combined with coding technology creates new possibilities


The name of your company is unique. When you register your company we will connect a hosting package to power your modern presentation platform and you are ready to go!

presents2u is the name of this presentation platform.

Projects can be machines, systems or products. We use technical animation and modern web technology to create modular elements for your project presentation.

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powerful features

combined with coding technology creates new possibilities


Since the technical platform is Web-based, updates will be applied without having to resend the URL. This means that the URL will always provide the visitor the latest version of the technical presentation platform. By using ultra-fast hosting, updates will be visible within minutes.


Online security matters. Protect your product presentation from unwanted visitors. Let only your (potential) customers view your technical presentation with your unique password. We offer a secure password protection starting from our advanced plan and up.

text editor

An organised workspace lets you work more efficiently and saves time. Everything that you need to update your product presentation is included in this platform. You can easily modify the text, without needing any knowledge in coding or website development.

multi admin

Because Presents2U is a web based platform, you don’t need special software or tools to edit the product presentation. This means you can have more than just one person edit and maintain the product presentation. All of this is possible with just the editor URL.


We offer the possibility to fully customize your product presentation. Depending on your company plan you can add your company logo, custom background colors, custom fonts, custom font colors and a lot more! Have a look at our pricing page for the possibilities.


No attachments in your emails means no more file size limits. Simply copy and paste your product presentation URL into the email and you’re ready to go.

no plugins

Everything that you need to power or edit your product presentation is included in the webpage, and automatically updated. This means that the risk of outdated plugins is eliminated.


Because Presents2U is Web-based, it's stored in a central cloud server. This means that your (potential) customers only need the URL to watch your product presentation.


Let your product presentation page grow with your collection of technical animations. Upgrade your company or product plan at any time. It’s fast and easy.


Implementing sub-system technical animations mean we have to process your 3D-CAD models. These processed files are a crucial part in full length technical animations which means you can acquire the full length animation at a reduced price.

Technical Animation case | SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Worldclass hosting

combined with coding technology creates new possibilities


Ultra-fast page loading times are crucial. That’s why we use AWS Cloudfront for hosting in combination with Fastly. We also offer the option for HTTP/2. With this we can guarantee optimal website performance.


Hosting through AWS (Amazon Web Services) is, with 99,99% uptime, extremely reliable. Website downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum. By also using 24/7 monitoring  operational reliability is guaranteed.


With more than 100 datacenters and servers distributed over the world, we have ultra-fast content delivery through Amazon Cloudfront. Hosting has no limits. You can upgrade at any time. It’s fast and easy.


Security is essential. Having a secure website will also help in getting higher in the search engine results. We deliver all our websites with a standard SSL security. With this you are guaranteed to never have any security issues anymore.


Don´t worry about your product presentation backups. This happens completely automatic, every single day. By doing this, we can go back in time many versions. If necessary we can even restore the entire website to a previous version.


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