Technical Animation case | Hitec PowerPRO2700 UPS
Technical Animation case | Hitec PowerPRO2700 UPS overview
Technical Animation case | Hitec PiowerPRO2700 UPS engine

Diesel engine

For un-interupted power supply.
Technical Animation case | Hitec PiowerPRO2700 UPS coupling

Slide coupling

For fast and smooth fade of engine power to generator.
Technical Animation case | Hitec PiowerPRO2700 UPS generator


Delivers no-breaking 2700 KVA.
Technical Animation case | Hitec PiowerPRO2700 UPS kinetic energy module


Kinetic Energy Module

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used to protect systems from sudden power problems, including spikes, fluctuations and power outages. This can be done using a battery (Static UPS), or a Dynamic Rotary UPS (DRUPS).
The PowerPRO 2700 performs the three following basic functions:
- It avoids damage to hardware due to overcurrents or voltage spikes.
- It prevents data loss and damage. Data can be partly or completely lost after unexpected shutdowns.
- It ensures the availability of e.g servers, computers, networks and other applications while eliminating any downtime.

Easy Access

Sliding doors for easy access and maintenance.

Behind the sliding door is the lubrication system. maintenance and refills can be performed easily.

quick transition

The PowerPRO2700 is equipped with a 16 cylinder Diesel engine. In case of a power failure, the engine can be turned on within seconds to power the generator.

long lasting

Dynamic rotary UPS systems use less components than static UPS systems. Therefore they have significantly fewer single points of failure, which increases uptime and reliability.

simpler technology

The PowerPRO2700 provides natural power protection and power filtration without the need for advanced electronics and control logic. This guarantees a lower chance of failure.


Because thePowerPRO2700’s power delivery systems is fundamentally different from static UPS systems, it can support any load type and application.

Economical choice

Thanks to the combination  of high efficiency, low space requirements, and a long product life cycle, the PowerPRO2700 is the best economical choice for power protection.

short startup time

Easy access for fast oil filter swaps.

Pre-heating unit ensures that all systems are already at the right temperature. This means a hot start instead of a cold start. With a hot start we power up from 0-100% in less than 2 seconds!


Full automatic lubrication of coupling bearings

Seperated lubrication system for the Kinetic Energy Module. It's also fully automatic.

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